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Catalytic Converters

117.jpgReplacing your catalytic converter will give you better fuel economy and more power in most cases. If your converter is blocked it is not expensive to repair, come and see us for a free quote with options.

Converters are recommended to be replaced every 100,000 kms, if cats are left on too long they will block up and fall apart either by going through your exhaust until they end up in your muffler or getting stuck causing a blockage in your exhaust.

If your car is made before 2004 it may not need a converter . If you are thinking of installing a Big Bore Exhaust System to your new vehicle, your catalytic converter will probably limit your car's ultimate performance. Here at the Manawatu Muffler Centre, we can fit a performance sports cat to your system increasing performance, mileage and unlocking your cars full potential by reducing backpressure

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