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Diesel Purifiers

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Diesel Purifier

Inhalation of Carbon Monoxide emissions from diesel engines can be fatally dangerous in tunnels, and enclosed spaces or places with poor ventilation. Carbon Monoxide is odourless and colourless. This means that CO Concentration levels can increase to dangerous levels without detection. Manawatu Muffler Centre purifiers reduce/eliminate the emission levels of CO for diesel, bio-diesel or natural gas engines.

With increasing demand for environmental and OH&S regulations for the equipment used in industry, Manawatu Muffler Centre helps its customers with its unique catalytic converter based solutions not only to meet these strict requirements but also keep their vehicles in service, reliably and cost-effectively.

These Purifiers are typically constructed using a coated substrate and a high grade stainless steel housing.

All Manawatu Muffler Centre purifiers remove dangerous and offensive gasses from the exhaust. More specifically they all remove carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon emissions. However we can offer a more tailored exhaust purifier for any application.  Call us and we can help make any purifier to order.

These photos are from a job in the Manawatu Gorge when we fitted purifiers to all earthmoving equipment while they worked in the tunnel widening it.

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