Manawatu Muffler Centre, 602 Tremaine Ave, Palmerston North, 06 357 6697

Extractors, Performance, Fabrication


We specialize in fabricating custom extractors to fit your vehicle whether it’s an American Hotrod V8 or a Japanese turbo or non-turbo. We can build headers to fit in the tightest of gaps, we are happy to quote and can come to see your vehicle if its in parts. We can also supply and fit Pacemaker, Coby, Hurricane Headers and a full range of Big Bore Sports Systems.



We carry a large range of sport and performance mufflers including RPS stainless rear mufflers, fast flow, Coby, super turbo mufflers, and stock to fit all vehicles and different noise levels to meet customer requirements.

We can also fabricate custom exhaust systems to customer requirements.


We pride ourselves on custom-made extractors, if you can't find that set of extractors you need come and see us. We can make anything from a pattern, at a much cheaper rate than new.

Anything to do with steel we can weld and bend, no project is too big or small, come and see us for a free quote to complete your project.