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This is a mini sprint system that we built.

We started with 38mm tube and move to 41mm tube before the bend for more performance.



A big bore system that has been HPC coated. 


This is a photo of the balance pipe.


This is the bottom of the extractors.  


We built extractors  for this vehicle.


Extractors we built on an E30 BMW.



Custom made extractors for a kit car.


We fitted lake pipes on this truck.



We custom made extractors and a full system for ths car


Front view kit car.


The extractors were built to fit in to small space.


Top view


Extractors after they had been polished and heat treated.


Side view, extractors.


Top view


Extractors bolted up to the dummy engine.


We custom made a big bore exhaust system for this car.


Top view.

 Muffler Centre 008.jpg

One side of V8 extractors tacked up

 Muffler Centre 001.jpg

This is what can happend when your catalyic converter blocks up on a Toyota Harrier, we have had two do the same thing in this month!

 Muffler Centre 012.jpg

Grinding back the welds on some custom made extractors.

 Muffler Centre 009.jpg

Custom made extractors for a Falcon.

 Muffler Centre 027.jpg

Holden muffler after they hit a rock on the road.

 Muffler Centre 032.jpg

From one twin brother to another, doing up his brothers bike and finally giving it back for his 40th birthday!

 Muffler Centre ZZtop car 007.jpg

ZZ Top car, custom made extractors

 Muffler Centre ZZtop car 001.jpg

Top view a very tight fit!

 Muffler Centre ZZtop car 008.jpg

Side view, a beautiful car!

 Muffler Centre ZZtop car 009.jpg

Top view a work of art!

 Muffler on a stand 002.jpg

An engine tester stand we formed and exhaust system for it.

Muffler on a stand 001.jpg


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