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Muffler Repairs

139.jpgThe single biggest cause of exhaust system failure is rust. We have the largest range of exhaust components in the Manawatu to fix your problem. For failed WOF s we will repair ONLY the part required, getting you back on the road faster and cheaper than ever before.

We offer FREE checks and if we can weld up a hole in your exhaust, we will, alternatively if you need any replacement parts we can advise you on costings and the length of time the job will take.

Your exhaust system performs several extremely important jobs. It takes exhaust gases from the engine to the rear of the vehicle, keeping dangerous fumes away from the occupants. It also keeps engine noise to comfortable levels inside and outside the vehicle.

104.jpgWarning signs
When your vehicle sounds louder than usual.
When our vehicle doesn’t perform as normal.
When your fuel consumption increases.
When your muffler or exhaust pipe shows rust.
When your exhaust system rattles.

Danger signs
When you can smell any gas odours, no matter how slight, your exhaust could be leaking.