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We have an extensive range of towbars to fit almost every make and model of vehicle. Our experienced team can quickly fit your towbar, wire your trailer connector and get you back on the road again, taking less than half a day to fit. Contact us for a free no obligation quote.

There are "towbars "and there are "towbars" on the market, ours are quality towbars, made very strong and we bolt them through the chassis. They are after market towbars made by certified welders and look very similar to a factory new towbar.

Things to consider when buying a towbar

  • Is your vehicle a Japanese import or a NZ new car?What make, model and year is your vehicle? Is your vehicle 4WD or 2WD?
  • What do you want to tow with the vehicle and what is your tow rating for the vehicle?
  • Do you require wiring for lights for your towbar? 
  • Is your car a commercial or a standard vehicle?


127.jpgHow long does it take to get a towbar fitted?
This depends on the vehicle type, we normally allow half a day, exact fitting times will be given when you book the vehicle in.

Can the tongue be detached?
Yes, in some models the tongue can be detached.

Can I tow more than it says in the handbook?
No, you can only tow what the load label on the towbar states as a maximum both braked and un braked.

Do you cut my bumper to fit the towbar?
On some models this is required to achieve a good result. It also allows ample ground clearance and safety. This would be discussed when you booked your car in.

This is a great site for information on how to load your trailer